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Your health is extremely important! Despite of this in the Medical Center care and early diagnosis are the centre-pieces. This structure takes exclusive care of your healthy and provides you the best health promotion. People can use the Medical Centre not only for outpatient care but also to take, in addition to their examinations, the advantage of the comforts of a first-class Wellness hotel. Enjoy the feeling of being healthy or becoming healthy with the care of a professional management. The staff of the Medical Centre every day unites medical competences with an ambiance of well-beeing: On one hand modern research techniques are used to discover healthy risks or to improve the ability. The prevention program not only examines your health status, but shows you also how you can prevent diseases also at home (e.g. with the right alimentation).

On the other hand, also practices for your physical well-beeing are offered, such as aesthetic or plastic-surgical treatments. Because it’s not only important for how long you live, but also how!

The highest high-class standard, excellent staff and medicine on the newest status are united here. Give your health, well-being and beauty in the hands of experts!

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