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Water and air are life.. and at numerous health resorts you can enjoy your life especially well. Moreover, health is our highest property, and should always handle carefully with it. Therefore, there is no better place, than our health resorts where health and well-being have the uppermost priority. Its not so easy to get the title as a health resort hotel, because also the place must be an approved health locality. Besides, we make a distinction once between remedial-climatic health resorts and thermal places.

In the thermal places you can be recover and relax particularly well. Already the Romans knew the curative effect of the thermal baths. So they developed with the time to regular centres of the public life. A thermal spring is a natural spring whose average temperature is higher than the middle annual temperature of the place. Thermal springs mostly contain cooking salt, sulphur and other salts. On account of the high temperatures and the portion of special components thermal springs have for ages a positive effect on the organism and are used, therefore, also in the form of therapeutically thermal baths. Because of the frequent use with illnesses the thermal springs are also called medicinal springs. Also in the rehabilitation of cardiac infarctions, in the treatment of chronic rheumatic illnesses and with mobility treatments after operations and injuries these thermal spots render unbelievable services.

The remedial-climatic health resorts, or also aerial health resorts called, have originated in the course of new demands for our environment. The healthy climate won more and more in meaning when it became clear that bad climate can be bad, as for example by pollutants in the air. Therefore, condition for a health resort is a restful climate, better said a bioclimate which is applicable therapeutically and is proved itself by experience. Regularly investigations are carried out, so that the climatic and aerial-hygienic circumstances maintain a therapeutic effect. Moreover, the pure dust measurements which guarantee a quality of the breath air are carried out. Besides, environment protection is capitalised in the remedial-climatic health resorts, so that human and nature remain in harmony.

Nevertheless, the vacation is the perfect time to do once something for the health, to relax and to follow his passions. Our health resort hotels offer moreover the ideal around package: Rest – health – active being - pleasure … what do you need more?

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