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The Passeiertal, with its three towns San Martino, San Leonardo and Moso, is located about 40 km north from the spa town of Merano.

Two high passes, the Passo Rombo (2474 m) and Jaufenpass (2099 m) close this particularly rich in mountain peaks valley.
"Pseir", as this valley is called in South Tyrolean dialect, is in the middle of the Natural Park of the Texel, and is bordered to the east and west by the mountains Sarentini and the Tessa Group.
The term "Passeier" can be traced to be born in the Romansh-speaking areas, and was likely to indicate a "Prasüra", "Pra de sura", ie a meadow above.
Currently, the proportion of people who still speak Romansch barely touches the 0.1%.
The Passeiertal landscape is very various and includes several climatic zones and vegetation, which is why it is generally distinguished between high and low Passeiertal.
While the high Passeiertal is known for its rough and wild nature, the lower part is characterized by its mild climate and its Mediterranean vegetation.
Green and lush apple orchards and vineyards stretch from the Merano basin along the valley to the town of San Leonardo, past which the landscape becomes increasingly looking like alpine, steep and rough.

In summer, the Passeiertal offers numerous opportunities for lovers of hiking and trekking, while during winter, the Plan ski area, small but cured in every little detail, attracts all the lovers of skiing!
The beautiful snowy landscape is a great opportunity for excursions with snow shoes or for rides on a carriage drawn by horses.


  • Hiking in the nature park Texel Group and in the area of Mt. Hirzer
  • High altitude mountain tour of Meran
  • Near to the spa town Meran

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