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Tourismusverein Passeiertal

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About 40 km north of the green basin of Merano there is the Passeiertal, a valley located inside the Natural Park of Texel, bordering to the east with the Sarentini Mountains and west with the Group Tessa Mountains.

Famous for its flourishing nature and wilderness, the Passeiertal includes several climatic zones and vegetation, and it is used to be distinguished between high and low Passeiertal: the portion bordering to the south is characterized by the presence of flourishing vegetation typical of Mediterranean weather, while the northernmost part by more rigid and cold temperatures, and it shows the pure character of the Alpine valley. The picturesque village of San Martino is embraced by nature, and thanks to this lucky location is an ideal starting point for various activities dip into nature during both winter and summer. During summer, the area offers endless possibilities: golf, horse riding, hiking or cycling are just the most optioned. And for the more adventurous, activities such as rafting, diving and paragliding give the thrill that only an extreme sport can give!
In winter, there are the ski areas of Passeiertal, but also the nearby Meran 2000 that provide days of fun on the ski slopes!


  • The Schild farms of Passeier
  • Hiking and MTB tours in the Texel Group
  • Ski areas: Pfelders, Ratschings or Meran 2000

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