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Appian, the center of the luxuriant Oltradige land, is located on the Wine Route.

This area is one of the greenest and richest in the region, known for its mild climate, for fruitful apple orchards and vineyards, famous for its fine wines, loved for the fresh water of Lake Caldaro and the fabulous location of the lake Montiggler, envied for the lush and historic villages and the picturesque landscape and small towns.
Since the Middle Ages, the lords of Appian were aware of the beauty of the place, and this area is still known as the home of the welfare by both tourists and locals.
Throughout the year, Appian and neighboring countries offer a wide range of activities for great time in nature. You can pick among walks in the mountains (hiking near Appian), climbing (the Dolomites await you!), Nordic Walking (in the woods around Lake Monticola), rides (through the woods, rocky trails, vineyards and gentle hills thick with houses ), mountain bike (let's rock on rocky trails!), leisurely cycling, golf, fishing (the atmospheric Petri Heil Lake Monticola), or experience pure adrenaline boosts with the parachute and gliding.
And with the winter snow in South Tyrol, skiers, snowboarders, toboggan and ice skating lovers appear all around.
Discover the wonderful slopes of Mendola, the mountain behind Caldaro! The proximity to Bolzano, where north and south merge creating a unique cultural mix, makes possible an incredible shopping trip in the capital of South Tyrol.
Walking through the colorful market in Piazza delle Erbe, stroll under the arcades, the tangled streets from the late Gothic period, perhaps combining it all with a ride to the gardens of the River Talvera, make the simple shopping-tour a fascinating experience, ended in the best way with a cappuccino in the beautiful square!
 In Bolzano, also the palate will be satisfied. In Bottai street / Bindergasse the restaurants follow one another, and dishes range from traditional cuisine with characteristic dumplings, to light Mediterranean recipes.
In autumn when the leaves turn their color, the days shorten and the nights get longer, the comfortable, rustic Törggelestuben (a word that indicates a traditional Sout Tyrolean dinner, during which rustic dishes are accompanied by grilled chestnuts and brand new wine) invite for a pleasant evening with friends ...
To be seen: Castel Hocheppan, the ruins of Boymont Castle, the Museum of Castel-Schulthaus Moos, hot and iced Appian holes, Trauttmansdorff Castle, the Messner Mountain Museum in Firmian.


  • Windsurfing and sailing paradise
  • Bathing season from Mai till September
  • MTB and hiking trails nearby

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