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Every evening at dusk, the Latemar - Rosengarten mountains first dye of pink, then fire red and finally, just before sunset, they turn orange. This is the Alpenglow, a unique natural spectacle, offered only by the Dolomites.

  • Vitalpina Hotel Pfösl ****s

    Nova Ponente / Rosengarten - Latemar

  • Connoisseur Hotel Sonnalp ****s

    Obereggen / Rosengarten - Latemar

In the region of Latemar - Rosengarten there are many legends that justify this phenomenon. For example, it is told the Alpenglow was caused by King Laurino, who, in a moment of rage, cursed his rose garden (Rosengarten ", in German, means precisely the rose garden), making sure that no one could admire it, day or night. But King Laurin forgot sunset: for this, just at dusk you can see the colors of the king's roses, that dye all the massive dolomite. But enough with the fairy tales: it is time to take a look at reality. The area of the Rosengarten - Latemar stretches over 250 km south-west through the Dolomites in South Tyrol. Latemar and Rosengarten are the most known massives in the region, and, along with Lake Carezza, the White Horn, the Black Horn and the Great Canyon of the Blätterbach, are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2009. The mountains, meadows, lakes, and pastures in the area are ideal for active and dynamic holidays. In summer, hiking and mountain biking are the most practiced hobbies, while in winter the Carezza ski-King of the Dolomites and the Obereggen ski slopes attract a lot of tourists. The hotels are located in the countries of Nova Levante, Nova Ponente, Monte S. Peter Obereggen, Val d'Ega, and Steinegg.


  • Karer Lake
  • Skiing area Carezza, ski centre of Latemar
  • Vacation in the world nature heritage of the Dolomites:  Schwarzhorn, Weißhorn, gap of Bletterbach


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Ski Areas Near

  • Ski Area Carezza

    A total of 48 km ski slopes in Top condition weather at top in a top landscape. Operators promise 100 % of snow guarantee by 170 snow cannons from December to April. In addition it is one of the sunni...

  • Ski Center Latemar

    This area is located on the border of the two provinces and allows to cross-border departures. The easy slopes are perfect for who wants to learn skiing. Almost a quarter of the 46 km slopes is ideall...

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