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The Italian region Tuscany lies between the north and middle Italy, limited by the Ligurian and the Tyrrhenian sea in the west and from the Apennines in the north and the east. The climate is marked by the different scenery, on the one hand the Mediterranean climate on the coast, on the other side the level hill country with submediterranem and the mountains with a temperately fresh climate.

The 10 provinces in Tuscany, under it the capital city Florence, known as the cradle of the Renaissance with magnificent buildings and many places of interest, have different charms and flairs. The romantic Siena, with many pileworks, medieval brick buildings, impresses with a quite special atmosphere. Or Pisa, known by the skew tower of Pisa with his cathedral place, cathedral and Paptisterium. Also the city of Lucca which is completely surrounded with an old wall and got her fame by the silk is suitable for a sightseeing tour very well. Numerous constructions in the Toskanian towns also belong to the UNESCO world nature heritage. So attractive like the culture in Tuskany is, also the nature has to offer something very nice. As a country of the contrasts there are centuries old woods, picturesque hill sceneries, pine groves, from river valleys crossed low mountain ranges and the famous Chianti vineyards. However, the many-faceted nature in Tuscany also hides ideal conditions for outside activities. For hikers there are many-sided hiking areas, from the gentle hills through vineyards, cypresses and olive groves over the precipitous mountains of the Appennin. Many marked ways lead through marvellous Tuscany and are in true pleasure for all hiking friends. But also bikers will love the Tuscany, because the choice of comfortable bicycle rounds and rapid mountain bike departures is superlative. Besides, it goes through rough areas, picturesque valleys or on small side streets through the fantastic nature. Moreover, there are all around our hotels in Tuscany great golf courses, which show the combination of sport, rest and nature very well. Horse lovers will find the possibility to explore the natural scenery on the back of a horse. The horse breeding and also the horse-riding looks back at a very old tradition. Beside many Outdoor activities the water sport may not be absent of course. The clear water of the Ligurian sea seduse his visitors properly to rush in the water. Swimming, diving, surfing, even boat trips are waiting for you. The nicest beaches are in the Tyrrhenian sea, the islands Elba, Montecristo and Giglio are suited perfectly for a holiday. Tuscany with our well-chosen hotels will give you an unforgettable vacation, many-faceted and incredibly like the region itself.

The Tuscany is ideal for:

  • Outdoor activities: Hiking, biking, golf, horse riding
  • Holiday on the sea
  • Culture lover
  • Sightseeing

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